It’s not just the cooling we are getting from air conditioning

This is the time of year I dream about when I’m sweating it out in July and August.

Where I live, those two months are akin to living on the sun as far as I’m concerned. Thankfully, we have residential HVAC to rely on for the heat during the summer. Actually, the air conditioning comes out about mid March around here. And it doesn’t go off until at least November. Now that’s a lot of HVAC cooling. However, it’s the most crucial during the four months of summer known as heat season. Heat season is aptly named because it really is all about the heat. I do my best to make sure that I can mitigate the costs of HVAC cooling in our home. We keep the house sealed up tight and the thermostat is set in the low 80’s during the peak heating hours of the day. We lower the thermostat in the evening in order to have a nice cool environment to sleep. Nothing worse that trying to sleep when it’s too hot. Well, actually there is something worse than that and that would be a bunch of mold & mildew as a result of the high heat and humidity. Thankfully, we simply don’t have to worry about that. The HVAC cooling process actually balances the humidity levels inside the house. That’s a pretty awesome byproduct of having the air conditioning on. Otherwise, with the sort of heat and humidity that we experience, we’d be dealing with a whole lot of mold growth. And that is just no good for respiratory health or anything else. So thanks HVAC cooling for the comfort and for mitigating the mold growth.


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