The cooling device was not laboring in the fruit plus vegetable section

When I was at the store the other day, I noticed that there was a nasty stink coming from the fruit plus vegetable section.

Everything looked rotten plus I realized it was because the cooling system that provides cooling for all the fruit was not laboring.

I went to tell the employees about the problem with the cooling system for that section, but they said they were laboring on a solution to clear out all the rotten fruit, but they also had to get the cooling system laboring again. That seemed prefer a extreme bummer. The stink was pretty bad plus I was disappointed because I wanted to get a few things from that section. I just rushed through to the other parts of the store plus quickly got the other items on my list. Fortunately, there’s another store close by that I prefer to go to often plus so I went there for my fruits plus vegetables. I consistently make sure to get carrots, peppers, broccoli, peppers, mushrooms, plus other similar items. I was actually happy to see their cooling device was laboring just fantastic for their fruit plus vegetable section. I even told the currencyier that I went to the other store plus they had that issue. I mentioned how they weren’t even clearing out all the rotten items, so the stink was awful. The currencyier couldn’t guess it because that was supposed to be the higher end store, plus they weren’t even taking care of things prefer they were supposed to. It actually turns into a safety hazard when you guess about it. I hope they take care of that problem with the cooling device soon.

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