Our child is allergic to the pet, however he loves it

My partner as well as I obtained our child a pet when he was 5 years old.

He wanted a little pug with a short nose as well as chunky body. He loved the pet as well as the pet loved my son. The pet slept in the bed with my son. They were the best of friends as well as harshly close. Then 1 afternoon my child started sneezing every time he was around the pet. It seemed like dust sensitivities, however it was strange that they would develop suddenly. I took my child to the doctor as well as to a specialist. Both agreed that my child was allergic to the pet. I mentioned rehoming the pet to someone in our family as well as my child went berserk. He started crying as well as he got easily frustrated. I knew getting rid of the pet was not the answer to that problem. I research ways to lower the allergen count in our home. I found a product called an whole-house air purifier; An whole-house air purifier is a device that actively or passively detachs allergens, dust, as well as indoor pollutants. I obtained an whole-house air purifier with a UV light feature. The whole-house air purifier has an air filter that detachs all of the harmful germs as well as the UV light kills all of the bacteria as well as viruses as they transfer through the machine. My child is still coughing as well as sneezing when he sleeps next to the pet, however the dust sensitivities are particularly better than they were before all of us decided to buy an air cleaning machine. The people I was with and I would not have been able to keep our family pet without making the swings.

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