The position required two years of experience

After I finished HVAC repair school it took some time to find a job. A couple of my classmates decided to move to the city where there were more jobs available. I couldn’t move, because I needed to stay close to my mom. She was sick and needed help taking care of the house. It took me three months to find a position with a heating and air conditioner repair service. When I did, I had to start at the bottom. I applied for a repair technician position, but the company required two years of experience. Most places required a few years of experience. I did not understand how I would get experience if no one hired me right out of school. I interviewed with dozens of potential employers. When I finally found a company that was willing to give me a job, I had to start at the bottom. Instead of working as an HVAC repair technician, I had to work in the warehouse we’re all of the HVAC parts are located. It was my job to get all of the parts and supplies ready for each job the next day. I spent six months working in the warehouse, before the boss finally gave me a shot. He sent me out with an experienced HVAC technician and I spent a week with the guy learning the ropes. The mentor was impressed with my skills and knowledge. He recommended the boss take me out of the warehouse and give me a regular route just like the rest of the repair guys.

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