Fall pollen thwarted by media media air cleaner

It’s not as awful as the Springtime but late November comes with a bit of a blast of pollen.

In my region, the two of us deal with a really long, sizzling summer time that comes with a whole bunch of Heating and Air Conditioning cooling.

So the heating and cooling equipment is running much of the summer. But love the Springtime, this time of year produces pollen levels that chase me to the drug store. And even then, there actually hasn’t been any sort of refuge from the pollen. The goldenrod is the large culprit this time of year when it comes to the pollen. While it’s pretty, it sure makes things hard for me. I’m just so sensitive to pollen whether it’s grass, tree or flowering. But I’m amazed at what I’m experiencing now thanks to a new addition to our Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. Every one of us chose to have the Heating and Air Conditioning professionals install a whole condo air purification plan inside our Heating and Air Conditioning unit. This thing uses UV light to actually destroy the DNA of all airborne contaminants. And that includes pollen of every variety along with all other allergens. My spouse was the 1 who actually wanted to improve the air quality. I think since the pandemic, she’s been trying to improve the overall health of the entire family. And fantastic air quality is essential for great respiratory health and to strengthen the immune response. Well, it’s sure made a difference as the condo is just so fresh and smells great. But the bonus for me is that I now have an actually pollen sanctuary thanks to the whole condo air cleaner.

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