We needed the furnace at night.

Although April brings some warm days to our area, we often need the furnace at night.

  • The sun goes down, and there is a noticeable chill in the air.

I usually pull the blankets up around me and get cocooned for the night, but my wife is the opposite. She sleeps with the blankets wrapped around her waist and her legs and arms uncovered. Sometimes she has backed up against me to get warm, but it doesn’t last long. She gets her back warm and then she scoots to the edge of the bed. She told me once that if she wanted to cuddle up next to the furnace, she would have been born a dog, but she chose me instead. With the onset of warmer temperatures this month, I turned the furnace off. I was sure the heat of the day would sustain us throughout the night. I was going to put a fire in the fireplace to take away the morning chill. My wife thought that was a good idea until it went below freezing one night. She wasn’t just backed up against me, but I was hanging off the bed, and she was wrapped around me to stay warm. I had to get out of bed, turn the furnace on, and then crawl into her side of the bed, if I wanted to get warm. When she woke up in the morning, she asked why I had pushed her off her pillow and blamed me for her stiff neck. I apologized and said I had been up to start the furnace, and I had moved over. It was the only place to lie down.


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